Why Central?

"The environment the program creates is the magic: coaches are positive role models, energetic and work to make players at all development stages feel like contributors and purposeful team players. When positive examples are set, good things follow. Central Lacrosse is paying it forward and we feel so lucky to have this incredible program right in our back yard. Thank you for helping our daughter find her love of lacrosse again!"

~ Central Youth Parent

"In addition to having KB on the field at all practices you will also find as many as 4 other coaches helping with practices. This club is the furthest thing from a lacrosse factory or a club that is trying to add teams at every level just to add revenue to their bottom line. The feeling you get from Central is one of an intimate family run business that is truly committed to developing confident young female athletes."

~ Central Parent

"I I have learned so many valuable leadership skills from Central Lacrosse (teamwork, delegating, and the power of clear communication to name a few) that I will be able to apply in my collegiate career as well as my life beyond college. Being a part of the Central Family not only prepares you for the next level of lacrosse, but prepares you for life as a whole!"

~ Central Alum and Current College Player

"This is our first year with Central after spending several seasons working with another program. The coaching my daughter receives weekly is personalized & motivational. She speaks to what she’s learned and how coaches recognize her strengths, developmental needs, & next steps!

She’s shared that she feels like her coaches have a vision for her future. I’ve not seen her leave workouts as confident & positive since she was just discovering the game years ago!"

~ Central HS Parent

"When we first joined Central, we joked that it was "twice the service for half the price" but that really has been our experience! The coaches are amazing role models, and KB is EVERYWHERE. She knows every girl, has strong relationships with every family, and she genuinely cares about our daughters. We are so grateful we found Central - there is no better place for your daughter to come into her own!"

~ Central Parent

"The Central Lacrosse experience is top notch. The coaching staff is truly AMAZING!!! Their passion for this sport and the players go above and beyond any expectations I could have as a parent. My daughter loves being a part this team. It makes her want to improve her skills more and more. Thank you!!!!"

~ Central Youth Parent

"We are so happy we chose to be part of the Central Lacrosse family. Being part of this team gives our daughter the opportunity not only to learn high level lacrosse skills, but communication, independence, and leadership skills that will serve her well beyond her playing days.

Thank you KB for all that you have done for our daughter. Watching her play and grow has been such a gift"

~ Central Parent (Alum)

My first impression of Central was - how did all these coaches learn all these names so fast? I feel that my girls are more than a number here.

The coaches know them, encourage them, entertain them and bring out the best in them.

The communication with schedules and other important details is top notch. I feel that my girls are in great hands. They are learning the sport and they are having fun!

We love Central!

~ Central Parent

"We love how there has been a bigger focus on individual development through mental performance and leadership training this year. This has helped my daughter some out of her shell more and become more comfortable.

My daughter is not a multi-sport player - she loves lax. She also is not super outgoing with people she doesn't know VERY well. Central has done an amazing job of helping her build her self-confidence as a middle schooler and as a lax player. She plays goal and there is no other program that gives goalies such great attention, feedback, and team building!"

~ Central Goalie Parent

"Central is a place where your club teammates and coaches come pack the stands to cheer you on at your town team games. It’s a place where you can arrive at the first day of practice knowing no one and by the end of 2 hours you’ll have made at least 12 new friends. Above all, Central is a place where you will truly be pushed to get better every single day, whatever that may look like for you."

~ Central Lacrosse Alum/Current College Player